Commugen is a provider of usable GRC solutions that are continuously adaptable by the business user.

Commugen’s solutions serve thousands of users, and allow stakeholders to monitor a live and detailed picture of their field of responsibility, while minimizing financial expenses, reducing operational risks and improving business results.

Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank

" Commugen solution is central to the Middle Office operations at Mizrahi-Tefahot. It supports the locating, collecting, analyzing and processing of the bank's FOREX transaction information. Commugen's support is timely and professional, demonstrating a deep understanding of the bank's needs. "


Sigal Chaim, Middle Office Manager, Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank

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About compliance


Compliance 365 puts tools to continuously monitor the compliance risks in the hands of the compliance officer. It does so by reflecting incidents, internal audit info etc. to the risk. It also informs relevant parties when the risk changes.